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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Check Aadhar Card Status With UIDAI website

We all are more than 1.2 billion and the government has already started distributing aadhar cards whose status can be check online. Nowadays aadhar card is mandatory for almost all major government-related activities. Aadhaar card is also spelled as Aadhar card, Adhaar card or Adhar card. 

This article will help you check your aadhar card status online. We explain here different methods which you can use to check your aadhar card online and also download and print it.  You can use any method explain here to check Aadhar card status if you are facing problem in other methods. If you have applied for aadhar card and waiting for delivery then this is the best article for you as per given methods you can get aadhar card status.  

Here I assume that you have already applied for aadhar card using aadhar card form and waiting for delivery from the government side.

If you don't know how to download aadhar card then you can check my article about aadhar card download process.

So let's have started,

Currently, There are three methods to check your aadhar card status and they are as follows,

1) Aadhar status online and aadhar card download:- You can check the status of aadhar card application online using the official website of UIDAI and aadhar card download can be done.
2) Check aadhar card status by SMS.
3) Check using aadhar card status enquiry phone number.

Here I have detail process and information on each above step to check your aadhar card status online. I have tried to use pictures and explanation at every step for better understanding.

Aadhar status online and Aadhar card download by name and date of birth   

Aadhar card download by name and date of birth

This is a very simple method to check your aadhar card status online. After the display of adhar card, you can download it. To check the status online by this method you should have enrollment slip (EID) with you. This enrollment slip is provided at the time of registration process of aadhar card. At the upper side, slip contains "enrollment number", "Date of enrollment for aadhar card" and "receipt number. Keep your enrollment slip ready and proceed further.   

First go to the official site of UIDAI mention below with your browser like Chrome, Mozilla, opera etc.

Here is actual aadhar card link of UIDAI website

You can access the site by searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo, but ensure that the site is official UIDAI site and secure by looking at https: at the beginning of URL.

1) When you open site it looks like as below.
Check Aadhar Card Status

2) At the home page of the UIDAI websiteyou will be asked for 14 digit enrollment number (EID) and Date/Time provide at the time of registration. Ensure to enter them in the correct format.

3) After ensuring correct EID and Date/Time enter security code provided. These security codes are used to prevent bot attack and to ensure that you are a real human being and not a robot. 

Aadhar Card Status

These security codes are easy to read, In the above picture, it is 9918. If you are unable to read or understand provided security code then you can change it by clicking "Try another" located just below the security code image on UIDAI website.

4) Once you have finished above three process click on "Check status" to get aadhar card. As soon as you press "Check Status" your Aadhar card will be displayed.

5) This aadhar card can be downloaded and used as "e aadhar card". E-Aadhaar is an electronic version of Aadhar card. This version is as valid as the original card.

6) If you are facing any problem you can refresh the page and continue from the beginning.

This was the simple process to check and get Aadhar card status online. Now let's see other methods.

Aadhar Card Status Check by SMS

Aadhar Card status can be checked with the help of SMS also. If you are unable to check your aadhar status online for any reason then you can opt for this method. To check your aadhar card status by SMS follow the following procedure

1) Write SMS as follow 

UID STATUS <Your 14 digit UID>

For example,

UID STATUS 12341234512345

2) Send this as SMS to 51969 with your same mobile number which you have used to register your Aadhar card.

3) Within 10 to 20 minutes, you should receive an SMS with your aadhar card status. 

Check using aadhar card status enquiry phone number

If all the above methods are not working for you then you have the third option also to check the status of your aadhar card by using aadhar card status enquiry phone number. The government has provided a Toll- free number - 1947 Which can be used to call and ask for the help regarding your aadhar status.

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