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Friday, 1 December 2017

Aadhar Card Update Status

Aadhar Card Update Status Check Online and Offline Methods

You have got your aadhar card and comes to know that there are mistakes or you have shifted to some other location and now needs to change your address on aadhar card. In this case, you can update your aadhar card information.

If you don't know how to update information on aadhar card you can check it here:- Aadhar Card Update

After updating aadhar card information you can check its status. This article explains all the ways which can be used to check your aadhar card update status.

Aadhar Card Update Status | UIDAI Update Status 

Ways to check aadhar card update status:

There are different ways to check aadhar card updates status. Here are a list and details of the update check process.

1) Aadhar card update status online (URN Require)
2) By SMS
3) By toll-free number

Method 1

Aadhar card update status online

Aadhar card update status online:

To check your aadhar card update status visit the following webpage of UIDAI site. Remember you should have access to URN i.e. Update request number to check update status by this method.


This webpage looks like

Aadhar card update statu

Enter 12 Digit Aadhar Number in the first textbox and then 14 Digit URN in the second text box. Now enter Text verification Captcha and hit "Get Status" button to check the update status of aadhar card. You can get URN i.e Update request number when you submit update request for aadhar card details.

Method 2

Aadhar Card Update Status check By SMS

If you don't have access to internet and UIDAI portal then you can check aadhar card update status with the help of SMS also.

To check aadhar card update status by SMS send an SMS in the following format to 51969 

UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number> to 51969

You will get an update status by SMS 

Method 3

Aadhar Card Update Status check By calling toll free number:

You can call toll-free number 1947 to check your aadhar card update status. Here EID i.e.Enrollment ID is mandatory.

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