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Monday, 4 December 2017

Aadhar Card Verification

About Aadhar Card

Aadhaar card is also called as aadhar card or adhaar card. Every citizen of India who applies for Aadhaar card will be provided with a 12 digit unique identification number by UIDAI after submission of application with proper documents. This is one of the important document every citizen should have.  Aadhaar or Aadhar card is a unique identity proof that contains demographic and biometric details of an individual person. Aadhaar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and is a compulsory and very important document to every citizen. Aadhaar card is used for various purposes in India to prove one's identity. The process of linking aadhaar card to almost every important service like banking, the mobile phone is going on which is mandatory.

About Aadhar card verification process

Aadhar card verification (Aadhaar verification) process consist of verifying your existing card with a database of Indian citizens that government of India holds. This database of aadhar card information is available on UIDAI and can be accessed with proper valid token i.e. aadhar number. If someone has aadhar number he/she can easily verify aadhar card with the help of UIDAI website. When you verify aadhar card information like state, gender etc will be displayed.  

Why it is necessary to verify the Aadhar card?
Nowadays the government is strict and is deactivating invalid aadhar cards. According to the latest news more than 8 million aadhar cards have been deactivated for several reasons. You can be a victim of that and hence it becomes necessary to verify aadhar card. Also, you can check the accuracy of data and can take action if there is any discrepancy by contacting UIDAI.

Aadhar card verification process

As I have told you earlier the process of aadhar verification is very simple. To verify your aadhar card the only requirement is your aadhar number. Go to the UIDAI website and search for "Verify aadhar Number" under Aadhar services tab or follow the below-given link.

When you open page it looks like as follows.

Aadhar Card Verification

To verify aadhar number simply enter your 12 digit aadhar number in the first text box and Security code in second text box. Now click Verify. 
If your Aadhar card is verified and authentic it will show you your information about your age Band, Gender, State and the last three digits of a registered mobile number. If you get the correct information then there is no reason to worry but if there is any discrepancy you need to contact aadhar center or go for aadhar card update process.

After clicking on verify the following screen will be displayed if your aadhar number is verified.

Aadhar Verification

If you have updated your aadhar card but don't know how to check update status you can go through my article about aadhar card update status.

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