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Saturday, 24 February 2018

How To Check Aadhaar Card Authentication History Online - Aadhaar Notification

Check aadhaar card authentication history online with aadhaar notification: Aadhaar Card is a most valuable mandatory document in India and is becoming a central pass for all the legal activities. It includes both Demographic and Biometric information of an individual.

If you have not received your aadhaar card yet then you can track the status online.

Aadhaar card is mandatory to link with most of the services like insurance policies, telecommunication services, Banking systems and many more. In order to meet this requirement, you would have submitted your aadhaar number and related documents to various locations.

In recent days there were some big incidents of aadhaar card data leakages. Aadhaar card carries a lot of important information and can be dangerous if used for the wrong purposes.

So was your aadhaar card used somewhere else without your permission? This was a lot of insecurity among all the people and hence UIDAI has introduced aadhaar notification service through their website.

Aadhaar Notification

Aadhaar Notification is service with the help of which you can check or track recent usages of your aadhaar card authentication history so that you can keep track, where your aadhaar card has been authenticated.

The process to check aadhaar card authentication history

In order to check aadhar usages, visit the below link.

This will open a webpage where you have to enter details.

How To Check Aadhaar Card Authentication History Online

Enter your 12 digit aadhaar number in the first text box and verification number in the second text box.
Hit Generate OPT to receive OTP. 
It will redirect you to the next step which looks like below.

Aadhaar Notification

On this page, you have to enter Authentication type, Date range, Number of records and OTP.

1) Authentication type: 

It includes various authentication types which include Demographic, Biometric, OTP. You can select the individual type, combination of two or all three types as per your requirement.

2) Date range: 

select date range for which you want to check authentication history.

3) A Number of records:

Select how many numbers of records you want to display. Currently, the maximum limit is 50.

4) OTP: 

Enter the OTP you received. OTP is sent to mobile number which is linked to your aadhaar card.

After submitting the information you will be redirected to the required information. check the usages of your aadhaar card and ensure that you are aware of them and all authentications are valid.

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