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Saturday, 10 February 2018

PAN Card Application Form download - 49A and 49AA

PAN Card Application Form download - 49A and 49AA: You must have aware that PAN card is mandatory for every taxpayer in India. There are a lot of usages of PAN card like it can be used as an identity proof  KYC but its main role is to control and manage Income tax in India.

PAN Card Application Form download - 49A and 49AA

PAN card application can be filled online both with UTI and NSDL. If you want to know how then you can check my article HOW TO APPLY FOR PAN CARD ONLINE

In this article, we will talk about the offline method of application for PAN card i.e. filling 49A and 49AA  form

PAN Card Application Form download - 49A and 49AA

There are mainly two types of a form available for application of PAN card and they are 49A and 49AA 

PAN card application form 49A

This 49A form is to be used for a new PAN card or correction of PAN card information already exist. This 49A form can be used by individuals, HUFs and companies or firms situated in India

Pan card application form 49AA

This 49AA form is to be used for individuals and companies that are not located in India i.e. foreign entities. Individuals not being a citizen of India, LLP registered outside India, Company registered outside India, Firm formed or registered outside India can use 49AA application form to apply for PAN card.

How to download PAN application form 49A and 49AA?

To download PAN application form you can visit the following links and save/print for offline use.

Download PAN card Form 49AA

How to fill form 49A and 49AA for PAN application?

  • Form 49A and 49AA should be filled legibly. (Readable format) in block letters.
  • Preferably use in BLACK INK.
  • The form should be filled in English only.
  • Each box should contain only one letter (either alphabet, number or sign).
  • Two recent photographs with a white background with the size of 3.5 cm X 2.5 cm should be used. photographs should not be stapled or clipped to the form.
  • On left side form photo, Signature or Left-hand thumb impression on the photo should cover both form and photograph.
  • On the right side, form photo should not be any signature.
  • Thumb impression should be attested.

There is additional separate guideline too to fill form 49AA.

PAN card correction form

There is a separate form for correction of PAN card or new PAN card which can be accessed through the following link

Hope you understand the exact procedure for application of new PAN card offline with form 49A and 49AA and also correction form for PAN card.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment box.

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