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Saturday, 29 September 2018

How to delink your Aadhaar Card number from your bank account

How to delink your Aadhaar Card number from your bank account

How to delink your Aadhaar Card number from your bank account: You would be aware of the biggest failure of the government of India in case of Aadhaar card in the supreme court as Supreme court has said that there is no need to link aadhaar card and bank account. This article explains the story and process behind linking and delinking of aadhar number and bank account

The process to delink aadhaar card and bank account number

In the last few years of the span, the government of India has forced citizens to link aadhar card and bank account number forcefully by threatening restrictions on bank account transactions and even complete blocking of account. Deadline to link account was also frequently extended by the government. Many people linked their aadhaar card to a bank account in a hurry and some are still missing. Good news for those who have missed is that they don't need to go further to link bank account and aadhaar number but what about those who have already done? 

As per the verdict of Supreme court, there is no need to link your bank account and aadhaar card number. If you have done so you can take the following steps to delink.

1) Go to the respective bank and contact representative or your account manager. Prefer home branch for faster process.
2) Submit a written request in form of application to bank officials to delink aadhaar number and bank account.
3) You will require identification documents like PAN card, Passbook for KYC purpose.
4) Once the request is submitted delink process will be completed within 48 hours.
5) Another way to initiate delinking process is to use net banking and alternatively mobile app. 

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